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Charity Ball In The Kremlin
(Passport to the Newworld, april 1993

Jesus Christ called on us all to live in peace and unity, make good and be merciful. Very often, howev-er, owing to ignorance and against God's will, people torment them-selves and their nearest and dear-est with their envy, enmity, unfair behavior and selfish ends.

Our Lord gave us hope that we would be delivered from our vices and sins. On the basis of his sacred teaching we learned how to defend orphaned, wretched, poor and hap-less. My dear ones, remember, despite contemporary difficulties, that Our Lord is always with us and always supports us in our good intentions and deeds.

Let us recall God's wishes towards us and what He wants us to be. Allthough your lives try to follow the sacred will of God, Our Savior, the will to "Love Each Other".

The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Aleksei II addressed with such words the sponsors and guests of the charity ball in the Kremlin's Palace of Moscow. Hundreds of crippled children and orphans whose fathers gave up their lives in Afghanistan gathered together within the Kremlin's walls. The organizers and sponsors of the ball, including "Amerus Enterprises Ltd", have decided to offer gifts to those children, who were deprived of ordinary happiness and thus make them realize that they are not alone, that they are thought and cared about...

The festival was a complete success. Good spirits rule every festivity. Good spirits were high this time. The Kremlin's Palace became filled with happy children's voices and merry laughter that evening. There was laughter everywhere even on the faces of official ser-vants and waiters of the children's festivity. Outstanding musicians, folk singers and actors did their best to amuse the children. "Amerus Enterprises Ltd" gave chil-dren gifts, but all participants at the ball carried off with them more than just pleasant reminiscences about the festival. They carried away the sensation of being in touch with genuine goodness. Many children participated in such festivities for the first time in their lives.

It's safe to say here that this is a long forgotten good tradition, namely, the organization of charitable festi-vals. The generous rich used to spon-sor Christmas trees replete with can-dies, firtrees, Christmas morning fes-tivities for peasant's children, poor citi-zens, and orphans. It was not done for the sake of window-dressing, or praise in the local press, it was simply tradition. At Christmas, Easter and other great festivities the poor and wretched were presented with gifts and happiness. The Moscow daily "Moscow's Komsomolets" has utter about these traditions. Despite more than seventy-years of inaction, these traditions are now being revived. The roots of these traditions are still alive. Maybe all Russia will be resurrected with these traditions too.


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