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01.03.2004 We promised you, dear guests, that we would post stories from the lives of musicians. Conductor Vladislav Kadersky has not only told a story, but also confirmed it with documentation. Probably some of you recall interesting moments and will offer your recollections. We are ready to post them.

21.02.2004Unique pictures from the private archives of Oleg Lundstrem have appeared in the "Oleg Lundstrem Biography" section.

10.02.2004New pictures celebrating the 70th anniversary of the orchestra have been added to the gallery. A new section, "Booklets and Playbills" has appeared.

04.02.2004A gallery has been added with pictures from a concert celebrating the 70th anniversary of the orchestra held on February 2 at the Bolshoi Conservatory Hall. Accolades from the Russian Club in Shanghai have been added to the "Awards and Congratulations" area. A new section called "Stories from the Life of an Orchestra" has appeared. This area will contain various stories, anecdotes and other interesting events from the lives of musicians. Recollections of Nikolai Panov written especially for our website have been posted.

30.01.2004The Oleg Lundstrem Orchestra celebrates its 70th anniversary! Never before in the history of world culture has a big band enjoyed such a long life. What is behind this fact? What is the secret of such longevity? How has the maestro managed to preserve his style in music and in life? Perhaps the materials on our website will be helpful in answering these questions. Dear friends, fans of music and history! In the near future, you will see rare pictures and documents from the archives of Oleg Lundstrem.
We are also glad to inform you that our modest work in designing this site has not failed to attract an audience. Our website was visited by 1500 users in January 2004 alone. Thank you for your attention. We would appreciate any feedback or suggestions you might have. We would be glad to read your memories about the orchestra and the lives of Russian emigres in China. We are always ready to relay your greetings on to Oleg Lundstrem or to accept any critical notes.

27.01.2004 An awards ceremony honoring the winners of the Triumph Award in 2004 took place yesterday at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Art. The Triumph Award, established by the writer Zoya Boguslavskaya in 1992, is presented to the best ambassadors in the fields of literature and the arts. We are delighted to report that Oleg Lundstrem was one of the laureates. The members of the selection panel stood up to greet the maestro. The award was handed to Lundstrem by the famous saxophone player Alexei Kozlov, who said "the creative work of Oleg Lundstrem has had a great influence on the jazz culture of our country and had a formative effect on a massive number of musicians."

Pictures from the awards ceremony appear on the left.

10.12.2003Today, Oleg Leonidovich Lundstrem became one of five laureates of the independent Russian Triumph Award given in the fields of literature and the arts. The ceremonial awards presentation will be held at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Art on January 26. Details are included in the section called "Press."

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