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Quotations from the Newspapers of the Soviet Period.


«Jazz is a music which makes Soviet people sick and feel colic in stomach!»N. Khrushchov, from the speech in the Sverdlov hall of the Moscow Kremlin - "The High Appeal of Literature and Arts" 1963.

 «People do not need jazz! … The musicians borrows from Jazz its nervous, convulsive and epileptic music!" The resolution of the Central committee of the Communist Party about the opera of V. Muradeli "The Great Friendship", 1948.
 "… The orchestra of O. Lundstrem is dispersed!?" "To fall in love with Jazz is about the same as to fall in love with dentist's drill!" M. Sokolsky, critic
 "Jazz is a harmful substitute!"
"Jazz is the music of spiritual poverty, which is in the service of Reaction!"
"It's an epoch of unbent and straightening of the saxophones!"
"Jazz is a music of the fat"
M. Gorky
  "Lundstrem was driven out!" an article in "Moscovsky Komsomolets" 19.02.92
  "The performance of the Oleg Lundstrem's orchestra in the hall of the All-Union house of composers confirmed one more time that the general professional level of the ensemble, irreproachably reading the most complicated scores of the modern jazz, as well as the brilliant artistry of its individual performers." L. Pereversev, "Musical Life" ¹ 12, 1973.
  "The numerous invitations on tours and Jazz-festivals from many counties were regularly lost in the rooms of 'RosConcert' and Ministry of Culture. Every thing began with "Dear Old Southland" by D. Ellington" O. Lundstrem.
  "Oleg Leonidovitch, did you really say that if not me there would never be YOU?!" L. Utyosov
  "It would be nice if Oleg Lundstrem would invite for a tour with his jazz the saxophonist Bill Clinton" N. Bogoslovsky, "Vechernyaya Moskva (Evening Moscow)"
  "I have listened to the records of the orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem in the jazz interpretation of Tatar folk music. The way of the development of our 'light' music, or I should better say Jazz, is the application of the folklore in the modern jazz form". D. D. Shostakovitch, edit. 'Sovetskaya Musyka' ('Soviet Music') the deliberation on the further development of music".
  "The records of the Oleg Lundstrem's orchestra is the way the light music should develop, the musicians should be more brave in the application of the folk tunes, in their arrangement in the jazz style" . D. D. Shostakovich
  "One of the brightest stars of our jazz is the Big Band of Oleg Lundstrem!" A. Medvedeva, jazz historian.
  "Only thanks to the participation of the talented jazzmen: D. Gnillespi, B. Evance, O. Lundstrem… the most successful compositions which had passed through the time were created." D. Ukhov, musicologist.
  "The Big Band of O. Lundstrem is an orchestra of the 'Open Hearts' stood through the decades of persecution on jazz!" The biography of the orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem is notable not only because of the fact that it was among the first who showed us jazz classics: in the direct sense of the word the orchestra became the creative laboratory of the Soviet Jazz!" D. Ukhov from the article "The Improvisation's Intricate Thread"
  Undoubtedly O. Lundstrem is a faithful knight of Jazz and the emblem of the orchestra is its shield. The background of the emblem is a trumpet, a saxophone and two letters "O" and "L". They prove very well about maestro's firm decision to serve his beautiful queen - Jazz Music!" V. Grigoriev, "Three Hours at Lundstrem's"
  "It's uneasy to create a superb jazz orchestra, but it's thousand times more difficult to preserve it during decades!" A. Batashov.
  "Each meeting with O. Lundstrem is a kind of a meeting with one's first love, with one's youth! The musicians grow gray and we feel young again… " A. Batashov
  "The Lundstrem orchestra has always had a rule - not to invite any stars. The young musicians became stars in this orchestra!" A. Batashov. "Rabotchaya Smena" (The Working Shift) January, 1 1985.
  "The orchestra of O. Lundstrem was very warmly greeted! Apart from the high performing culture as well as ensemble skill, the thorough selection of the repertoire and talented arrangements added to the general success." E. Ovtchinnikov "Musicalnaya Zhyzn" (Musical Life) 10, 1987 "Prague-86".
  "The main thing the Polish newspapers pay special attention to is the high level of the orchestra of O. Lundstrem and its unique hand-writing" "Muzicalnaya Zhyzn" (Musical Life) 14, February, 1966
  "The orchestra of O. Lundstrem completed its Polish tour in five-thousand spectators concert-hall, which was all sold out for these five nights, each of them being of stunning success!" Magazine "Ekran" (Screen) ¹ 47, 21 September 1965, Poland.
  "The largest contribution to the development of Big Bands in our country belongs to O. Lundstrem." Feietrag. Minsk-94
 "It's amazing, but you, Russians even make improvisations in your own way!" Sten Getz, Prague-78
 "The music that grasps the masses of audience deserves to be treated seriously". O. Lundstrem.
  "If only L. Utyosov, A. Tsfasman, G. Terpilovsky had not prepared to the perception of jazz music, our orchestra would not successfully concertize in the 50s and 60s. The orchestra of O. Lundstrem again and again demonstrated the highest ensemble professionalism as well as the art of soloists - improvisers." Y. Saulsky, "Sovietskaya Cultura" July 31, 1993.
 "I prefer listening to the talented jazz miniature much more than to the vapid symphony." L. Shostakovitch
 "I have had the pleasure of listening to the work of the Tatar Radio orchestra under O. Lundstrem and I consider that music direction very useful for our further research!" L. Shostakovitch
  "The Orchestra of O. Lundstrem is one of the best and not only in our country!" Y. Dmitriev "Soviet Variety Arts and Circus" ¹ 10 1973.
 "One of the possible ways to the revitalization and heeling variety and dance music might be considered, undoubtedly, more brave and persistent appeal of the composers to folk-dancing genres, rhythms and melodic intonations, the successful patterns are the pieces on Tatar national material from the repertoire of the O. Lundstrem jazz-orchestra." D. Shostakovitch.
  "Igor Leonidovitch Lundstrem gained respect and popularity as an encyclopedic expert of Jazz! Without any sign of fatigue after any invitation or letter he toured from one jazz festival and conference to another. He was guest of honour in jazz clubs and like a jazz-doctor has always been ready to help anybody, to share his experience, to lecture as well as to discuss the youth and personal creative activity. The most amazing was his fuse in everything what he did!" A. Batashov
  "The orchestra of O. Lundstrem is an ensemble of the highest possible level; only very strong orchestras can rival it." Y. Pshicryl, the professor of the Prague Conservatoire "Evening Prague".
  "Lundstrem is a very, very high class!" Eric T. Fogel
  "I love orchestras of C. Basie, D. Ellington, S. Kenton, among the Soviet ones - O. Lundstrem, V. Ludvikovsky, G. Rosenberg." A. Eshpai "Soviet Jazz"
  "Jazz returns to music what it has some day lost" R. Shedrin "Soviet Jazz"
  "Jazz is an important part of my musical perception of the world" A. Shnitke "Sovietsky Jazz" (Soviet Jazz)
  "The Folklore and Jazz are united by a common feature: the art of improvisation" A. Eshpai "Soviet Jazz"

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